12 week dating scan expect

A small gestation sac in the uterus measuring approximately 3 – 4 mm Within the uterus a small gestation sac and maybe a small yolk sac within it can be seen.

Janine, though, has decided our squirmy friend isn't putting on enough of a show, and gives my wife's belly a vigorous jab with the scanner, yelling, 'Wake up, lazy! From its position, reclined and in profile, the creature rolls on its side, and stares face on into the camera.

now i've finally got my scan date, i don't actually know what i need to do :) all the letter said is the time date and place, as i havent had my booking in appointment haven't had any advice or told anything. - ask when you're there how to book your 20 week scan - pack tissues, it's emotional! x that is a good run down on what to do especially as not all hospitals need you to have a full bladder my 12 week scan it had to be very empty but depends on hospital, i think they usually say 3 cups of water an hour before your appointment but ask when you arrive if you need a full bladder then if you dont you can quickly go for a pee before your called in xxx You do need a full bladder (however annoying) as if you dont drink enough, you can prolong your time there (the sonographer may ask you to leave, drink some more and come back) On my letter it stated how much cups of water or fluids I needed to drink, but to be honest i drank the required amount but within myself knew i was no where near full, so I managed to get my bladder to the point where i knew i was going to need to pee pretty soon...

A creature which isn't quite recognisable as human is waving at us - actually waving - and I am stunned. I've seen ultrasound pictures before, so had some idea of what to expect.

But I had not been prepared for all this movement: stretching, overhead kicks, tummy tucks - it's like it's in training for the decathlon in there.

- you may be asked to go away and come back after eating/walking so the baby moves a little - you may be asked to run/starjump/roll around the room to get the little nipper to play ball!!

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