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(Sell Old Samsung Phones Here) This Marshmallow based smartphone will be seen sporting a 5.2-inch full-HD, a hybrid dual-SIM configuration, an Octa-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 So C coupled with 4GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy C5 includes an impressive 16MP rear cam and 8MP front cam along with 4G LTE support, fingerprint sensor, ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor.

Drinking at a young age will come back to bite you in the ass one day.

Whip up a co8uple of deep fried onions and horse radish sauce and I garrentee you party will be the "Bomb" Cheers to the good times , may they last4ever "Try it with light rum for those who cant do vodka... " Everyone of you seems to be an idiot, but you, 'Eric', take the proverbial cake. Dude sick to have to wait till 21 to drink , we can drink from 16 : P , anyhow can someone tell me what is the correct method for this drink as they always add a red topping and thats not here ???

Glam it up with some digital face painting while you are on a video call.

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