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Another hypothesis is an increase of subduction earthquake activity.

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Now back on campus, she’ll use the raw findings from that experience as the basis for the academic project that will dominate her senior year: the honors thesis. Mellon Foundation to help her integrate her abroad experience into her senior year academic work. In a nutshell, what was your independent study project in Chile?

I developed and conducted a study on , premarital dating violence, among Chilean university students. While that part of the project will form the basis of my honors thesis work, it’s very evident that the concept of intimate partner violence is prevalent both in the numbers and the psyche of Chilean students.

This is problematic because many instances of domestic violence fail to be recognized as such by the legal system. Aside from the topic, what did you learn by doing research abroad?

On her semester program in Chile, Simone Schriger ’14 examined the issue of dating violence among college students.

Cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating of ancient lake-level shoreline terraces of the Quillagua-Llamara Lake in the central Atacama Desert (N-Chile) provides new insights in the paleohydrology of the driest desert on earth.

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