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Millennials, referring to those who were born in the 1980’s through the early 2000’s, are experiencing new generational challenges, from career and economic uncertainty to mountains of student debt.

I have sat with students in office hours as they cried about their seemingly insurmountable stress.

Guys - as long as you are over eighteen we can hook you up with an older sex date and ladies, as long as you are willing to bed an 18 year old guy we have members in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties seeking older more mature ladies for discreet pleasure. While my late husband was alive I did lead an adulterous life having several affairs behind his back.

Before anyone judges me he wasn't all innocence, I know he had his fair share of marital affairs.

While on Twitter and Facebook, verification lets people know that someone is who they say they are, on Tinder the promise of verification taps into users’ desire to eliminate the safety concerns that come with online dating.

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