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Clive later began a relationship with Susan Cole (Gloria Ajenstat) and he invited her to move in.

Susan left Ramsay Street and Clive moved into a flat behind his surgery.

1961-1963 lettering in white, flexible omitted from label only whip action remains, also, the only barrel variations are the carry-overs from 1958-60.

1964-1967 same as 1961-1963 except black lettering.

I don't think there's anything published of this sort of technical character, so I have to search for possible examples myself.

The places named have to be in areas where I can make a case that similar alteration under Norse influence is unlikely.

By matching the samples with the logo on your bat you could approximately date to that era. Or, it could say, "PERSONAL MODEL" above the name and "LIGINIZED" below.

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