Ampeg amp dating

Here's a Oahu Valso made Chicago 51 Tube Amp that sounds more than great. 9.991960's Ampeg Jet 12 in Museum Quality Condition. It's all Original with the exception of the replace leather handle.

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This 65 Deluxe was there as a studio amp for recordings.

Just so happens Bruce Springsteen was there to record "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" album too.

YES, this deluxe was used on that album and you can see Thom's name credited on the ablum covers.

Also you can see on Fender Tube Chart dated OD, meaning 1965, clearly Thom's full name and phone number (at that time).

The SVT head was initially used with a pair of sealed 8x10" speaker enclosures because one cabinet could not handle the power of the SVT. These are called that because of the engraved blue text and lines that surround the tone controls.

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