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“Tobacco is still the number one cause of preventable death in the US.”For those facing pressure to smoke, Jones said that choosing who you surround yourself with makes all the difference.“If all you hang around with are people who harm their bodies, who don’t really have goals in life, who are negative people, then eventually you’re going to turn into them,” she said.

Most importantly, your actions will speak loudest of all.“If you guys as a group are confident in who you are and going against the trend and not worried about peer pressure, people will notice that and want to be like that, too,” she said.

I especially encourage you all to listen to Amy Poehler’s full podcast with Jeff Garlin. Amy has a great idea for a movie called “Gay on the Weekends,” which would be about a group of friends that decide that they’d be, well, gay on the weekends.

It is terrific, and I’ll also add that — in all the other podcasts I’ve listened to with the cast — they have nothing but amazing and delightful things to say about Poehler, who I get the impression may be made of magic. Jeff Garlin’s contribution to the movie would be a character who is upset with the arrangement because he gets laid constantly, except when he’s gay on the weekends. Amy, who has written several episodes of “Parks and Recreation,” compares the process of writing to “shitting out the hardest turd.” (Amy actually wrote “The Fight,” the episode in which Tom sells snake juice, and Ron gets blitzed.) 9.

The actress stopped by "Conan" on Thursday night, where questions about working with Will Arnett turned into a full-on roast.

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