Andrew garfield and emma stone dating

"They remain close and are on good terms."Another source revealed that their schedules caused the split.

If you look back and to the left (back and to the left) of Stone as she ascends the stage, you’ll see Garfield giving her a proud standing ovation and, it would appear, “woo-ing” appreciatively. Note that no one else at Garfield’s table—not Ryan Reynolds, not Blake Lively, not Jake Gyllenhaal—was on his or her feet.

This was genuine admiration and support from Garfield to Stone, given quite freely.

Unfortunately, People reports that Emma and Andrew are “just friends.” A source told the magazine that despite the new photos, “they’re definitely not dating.” That’s one person’s opinion!

Meanwhile Ryan Gosling (who was climbing up onstage to receive his award when the kiss happened) joked, “I mean, I’m happy for them, honestly, you know?

Beautiful, respected actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield tragically broke up with each other last year, but they were just spotted together in London laughing and smiling and looking so happy oh my God. Emma and Andrew were together for four years, during which time they adopted an adorable dog who I hope is still okay.

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