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It was a small room in a tiny suite off a narrow courtyard in the innards of sleepy Sunset Gower Studios, in a part of Hollywood once known as Poverty Row.

This was where Lampoon had gone to nurse its wounds.

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This one, called , was about a kid who, after making a wish on a magical monkey’s paw he found in an archaeologist neighbor’s house, gets to have sex with the hottest girl in his high school. He is operating on his second kidney transplant, the first having failed when he was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

“But there’s no limit, because it’s a monkey’s paw,” Donnes explained. And eventually the girl realizes the only way out of this is if she fucks him to death. In his office, where we were talking, there were nods to National Lampoon’s former glory: posters from classic movies like , shrink-wrapped DVDs containing the complete digitized archives of the magazine that had hit early-70s America like a grenade.

Here’s how the party got started, took off, and quickly became the hottest (and toughest) invite in town.

Oscar party, taking a quick inventory of the famous faces in my field of vision—Larry David, Cameron Diaz, Mick Jagger, Anjelica Huston, Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife, Isla Fisher—I noticed a group of well-turned-out guests forming a loose perimeter around two instantly recognizable men.

He rhetorically asked, “You don’t honestly think he gave up drinking, do you?

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