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A far larger, 300,000 square foot factory complex was rebuilt on the site in 1880, and throughout the decade Ansonia employed 1,500 workers and could churn out 10,000 clocks and watches a day.

Ansonia became renowned for its dollar watches and novelty clocks, but as competition mounted the owners decided to lower the prices of their merchandise to near the cost of production, which destroyed the business.

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Historically, Ansonia Clock Company did not have its roots in Ansonia, the Connecticut town after which it was named, but some 35 miles northeast in the great clockmaking town of Bristol.

In 1841, Theodore Terry, nephew of Eli Terry the man who had started the manufacture of inexpensive clocks in the first decade of the 19th century, formed a partnership with one Franklin C. The new firm of Terry & Andrews was to tool up and manufacture inexpensive brass clocks.

After the destruction of the Chauncey Jerome factory in 1845 and Jerome's subsequent removal of the remainder of his business to New Haven, Conn., Terry & Andrews became the largest clock manufacturers in Bristol.

In June of 1850, they reported $50,000 invested in capital, were employing 58 hands and had produced about 25,000 clocks, valued at $75,000, in the previous 12 months.

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