Are kristin chenoweth and aaron sorkin dating x factor diana dating

NBC reportedly won only after it agreed to pay a fee of more than million for the pilot, and a massive penalty that virtually assures the show a spot on the fall 2006 schedule, according to .

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It's weird to see fights played out on TV that we had, but it was also an honor. He said 'I think you're one of the most wonderfully complicated fantastic women, and I think there's a character here.

Can I loosely '— and that's the key word, loosely —' base a character on you? Hayes describes much of her personal history to Vanity Fair journalist Martha O'Dell in "The Long Lead Story".

"They have a lot to talk about."The couple, who have both been open about past substance abuse struggles and their subsequent sobriety, have "been out quite a few times on both coasts," according to a source.

Sorkin, whose screenplay for creator was married to Julia Bingham from 1996 to 2005.

“At the moment the two of them are just having fun together,” says one friend of the couple.

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