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So maybe Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir will gift one another with his and her crockery next year, marking two decades as an ice-dancing couple. Pity that romance has allegedly never sprouted, although they can certainly depict passion as performers.

Q: What was the emotion like when you registered at accreditation, checked your forms, went to practice?

T: On the one hand it’s very familiar to us, we’ve done this many times, and in a lot of ways we come out with a fresh perspective and with a new team and things feel different.

Next year is a little bit of a big year and that puts pressure on us to really make sure we focus on what’s important.” Of course this first-half world-beating is a tad shocking.

Comebacks in figure skating don’t often go so smoothly.

We’re lucky that we were able to stay in the skating world and we had to some extend stayed in skating shape.

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