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If log backups were allowed during a full backup, the full backup couldn't back up the log and thus would be transactionally consistent during a restore. M., whereas in the later releases, the restored image reflects the committed transactions as of .

Of the 989 men who participated in the online poll of gay men, 48 percent reported having unprotected sex at least once this year.

The survey, first reported by, also showed that 34 percent admitted to a small number of such encounters, 6 percent said they used condoms half the time and 8 percent said they use a condom less than half the time.

The use of alcohol and other mood-altering drugs raised the likelihood of having unprotected sex by 55 percent, according to the study.

Men are less likely to use condoms during sexual encounters in gay saunas, it added.

Before you can back it up, the transaction log needs to be accessible and complete: SQL Server must have access to all log activity that has occurred throughout the full backup, and the log can't have been cleared.

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