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I have to say, I couldn’t believe how crowded it was, but even more, I couldn’t believe how many nannies and moms were just sitting there, reading books, not watching their kids. Monkey Girl had some gift cards from her birthday, and she had two books to return. With the advent of Facebook, as adults, we became Facebook friends.

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We’re on Spring Break this week, yet the first part of the week drenched us in rain. It rained and poured and it sounded like the world was going to fall down around us. (If you could just pretend that you didn’t notice that I let Baby Monkey go to the mall in his pajamas, I’d really appreciate it.) After the cut, we headed to the indoor playground that they had. We stayed “satellite friends” and bumped into each other every now and then, and had some mutual friends in my new town.

Monkey Girl was in need of a haircut, and I hate to waste a sunny day on a trip to the mall. While Monkey Girl sat in the chair and got the chop-chop, the boys played on the toys outside of the salon. I was at a party and met up with a guy, Scott, that had been in my K-2 classes in my old town.

I’ve known her, through daycare, for about 3 years now! They were at Baby Monkey’s first birthday party this year and I see her, almost, every day. (Or, she knew exactly who I was and decided not to say so…I’ll pretend she didn’t know me.) I’m just blown away by what a small world it has truly become. I have certain foods that I eat, and am not much of a try-er.

Say what you want about technology and social networking, etc… Monkey in the Middle and I suffer from a malady that I call “Food Disappointment.” I love food. So, the foods I do eat are predictable and comforting…

A year later, and Kim is mother to baby Max, trying to juggle the needs of parenthood with her own dreams of success, trying to convince her unbalanced, canine-loving employer Francesca (Kristen Johnston) to invest in her dream of a mall for dogs.

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