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0 comments Riga's tall 19th- and 20th-century buildings give Latvia's capital a cosmopolitan feel and vertical accent unusual in the Baltics.Riga is the Baltics' closest attempt at a metropolis. This ethnic mix is potentially the Baltics' most explosive, yet you'll see very little friction. Latvia's major newspapers, such as the daily Diena, come out in both Latvian and Russian.Visit Latvia before it becomes just another European country. If you fly into Riga, avoid taking a taxi into town from the airport -- you'll get ripped off. If you're arriving by bus from the other Baltic capitals, check out the information window at Riga's bus station: they charge about a nickel for questions and a dime for "complicated" questions.

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Experience the previously-closed Curonian Spit and the largest and most beautiful Estonian island of Saaremaa.

Travel from Lithuania in the south, through Latvia and on to Estonia in the north. After breakfast enjoy a guided tour of Vilnius Old Town.

Sturdy Riga had muscled far ahead of most of the ex-USSR. Riga, the largest city in the Baltics, is on the verge of an economic boom.

German merchants and Bishop Albert of Bremen made Riga the center of Baltic commerce and Christianity when they founded the city in 13th century.

Explore the Baltic coast and the National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on very scenic routes.

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