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Freshness in beer is a topic that we are going to be taking an in-depth look soon, but until then here is a helpful graphic that allows you to decode the date and time that your Sierra Nevada beer was bottled.

Typically, the yeast lies tight and flat to the bottom of the bottle.

As the beer is poured, the yeast will re-suspend making the beer’s appearance cloudy or slightly particulate but will not adversely affect beer flavor. upside down or on their side) the yeast may resettle into what looks like a drop of pancake batter or vanilla ice cream and will be more apparent but will not affect the finished flavor of the beer.

Bottle conditioning is a time honored method for naturally carbonating beer and traditional champagne.

We dose back a small amount of fermentable sugar and yeast into the bottle.

Before we decide to expand to any new state, we want to make sure we have enough beer first.

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