Being too available dating

Here’s the thing: When you’re truly being “sensitive” it means means easily distressed, hurt, and offended by slight changes or basically by something slight.

Really, is anything that you’ve been wondering if you’re being ‘too sensitive’ about really that slight?

This is a big red flag that shows that he’s unsure of what he wants right now and is kind of just doing what looking for long-term love right now and just want to date for fun…dating a guy on the rebound might be your opportunity!

In other words, one week he might tell you he sees a future with you and even take steps toward demonstrating that sort of commitment (like introducing you to his family) but the next week you notice a definite shift in is energy – he pulls away or goes AWOL.

You even both were listening to Eric Church’s album to hear that nearly 80 percent of messages on dating apps go unanswered. Thankfully, a new wave of apps and innovative features is hoping to combat this pinball-like maze of finger swirls and tapping tangos and put the focus back on connecting.

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