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A Dark Room starts with a few lines of text on a black screen: “the fire is dead. You keep stoking the fire, the thin blue bar disappearing and then slowly filling itself out again each time to signal when you’ll be able to press the “stoke fire” button again.

More text arrives: a ragged stranger has stumbled through the door.

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As with past versions of i OS that were battery hogs, you may need to make multiple small adjustments to your settings to see best results.

Here are some fixes you can try to improve your battery life on any device running i OS 8.

The first and most simple step for extending your battery life is to turn down your brightness settings to the lowest level that is comfortable for you. There is a toggle switch for selecting brightness that you can turn down, but you might also want to turn off the option for Auto-Brightness.

Try turning off Wi-Fi while in transit, as your Wi-Fi will keep looking for a network to join while you are in motion.

After stoking the fire a few more times, you have a new option: collect wood, which can be used to build a cart.

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