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“One, I want black nerds to have great online dating options but I also want to engage people’s changing perception of black nerds and geeks.” A new day for black nerds has arisen, ads York and he may be right.According to a recent CNN article, black geeks have traded in their Urkel-style pocket protectors for a leader-of- the-free-world swagger with President Barack Obama as their new “nerd idle.” The former stigma attached to the words nerd and geek does seem to be a little less venomous these days and rings with a more positive tone.

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The trends seems to follow as black geeks are now taking center stage with television shows like Key & Peele, a sketch comedy show starring Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele (two self proclaimed black nerds) that debuted on Comedy Central earlier this year.

In terms of dating for black nerds, the momentous trend of that is making uncool the new cool is huge and Black Nerd hopes to be at the crest of that wave of change with all the sexy black nerds soon to be turning heads.

My girlfriend and I get there and we’re impressed by the scene.

It’s actually as it looks on the venue website: breezy, fun, loungy and inviting.

"A Blerd is the anti-cool individual whose nerdy anti-hero characteristics makes her the hero/heroine of her own stories," Franklin tells .

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