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Shamefully, my thoughts were that blind dates are great for those girls I typically classify as: ones who can cling to a seemingly random guy’s arm talking sports and weather and who-knows-what the entire evening. I am a quiet twenty-something medical school student who could talk for hours about the pathogenesis of disease, but cannot “talk” football to save my life, and I most definitely could not/would not hang on the arm of a near perfect stranger.

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It also makes it difficult for Indians like Pankaj to find love.

meets Pankaj as he heads to a matchmaking event in Mumbai, where he hope he’ll find his soul mate.

Prejudice against people living with disabilities has long been an issue in India, something the country has recently tried to address through anti-discrimination legislation.

Having a disability or impairment can make education and employment opportunities difficult to obtain and leads to social stigma. Pankaj is deep in conversation with Lata, who is also blind.

I can think of few things as miserable as spending my evening in a stale bowling alley subject to wearing communal bowling shoes and possibly contracting some weird foot fungus.

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