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The story here is he has money but he didn't seek proper treatment .waited to die and revenge without a good outcome..grrrrrr..i wasted my tym watching's like in uncontrollably fond.story..i knew that everyone of us may die but if you have money and fame chances to survive.higher compare to those who don't have .proper advice or any alternative... because i love this drama very much i started to recommend and actually they really love it. Then I followed his other dramas, I sense him a capable actor, he can be fun and serious,deep in his role, also he is good in choosing his project, I am always satisfied with the project he chose... I have a hard time keeping up with all the characters in the show and who belongs to who.

This site helps a lot as you can see the actors and who they are portraying. First time I saw Lee Jin-Wook, such a best drama !! Thank u goodbye ^^ you guys make me cannot move on T.

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