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It’s been pointed out before by The New York Rangers Blog that Brad Richards’ output dropped like a rock in 2012 after his breakup with screen vixen Olivia Munn.

His first 39 games he scored 15 goals, and then his next 88 games after the breakup he scored 26 total. Maybe he had an injury or something (or a wounded heart).

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Brad has generally played solidly if not inconsistently over his 13 seasons in the NHL.

He had 91 points in 2005 while playing for the Lightning and was also the playoffs MVP that year.

And if she keeps baking in the sun like she loves to do, shes going to be looking wrinkly and 50 by the time shes 30.

She is either Philippino or some type of Asian descent.

This is obviously new news for each of them, and admittedly unconfirmed on both parts.

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