Brazil dating max

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Six months ago he looked like any other dad en route to his tee time. Suddenly A-Rod doesn't own any more polos with chest logos, nearly all of the baseball player's sneakers have been swapped out for leather-soled dress shoes, and the man wears a suit .

In a flash, Rodriquez's style went from Tom Hanks to Tom Ford.

Now you would classify his personal style as A-list leading man—and, frankly he's dressing better than a lot of guys who already claim that title. Lopez even admits to forcing Affleck to man up and startdressing like the A-Lister he is (sadly, he's had a spotty track record since).

His wardrobe is stuffed with peak lapel suits and collared shirt (unbuttoned version of whatever that silhouette is (see: peacoats, bombers, topcoats). Then again, Lopez's track record seems to indicate that if you want to date one of the most beautiful, stylish, successful women in entertainment, you'd better dress like it too.

One group of riders drove through a narrow, pedestrianised shopping arcade in the city centre, with one quad bike colliding with a motorcycle and injuring the rider's leg.

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