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Scholars have sometimes regarded the traditional Sol and Sol Invictus as two separate deities, but the rejection of this view by S. Hijmans has found supporters According to the Historia Augusta, Elagabalus, the teenaged Severan heir, adopted the name of his deity and brought his cult image from Emesa to Rome.

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"This is something I've been thinking about for 13 months," Mc Kenney said. It's probably even more sweet than I imagined it would be." After a deployment to the Middle East — ranging from nine to 13 months — about 130 paratroopers from the 18th Airborne Corps returned to Fort Bragg on Friday...

He held them tight, smiling at his wife Katie, who was holding their 14-month-old son Austin.

When he got to his place and turned around there were colorful flowers in every hand on the street, and that was better than seeing them in his nest.

When I look back at the end of my road, I want to see happy faces; the faces of my authors, family, friends and those I encountered along the way that were touched by my smile or simple love.

I am so blessed and privileged to be able to work with some of the most talented writers in the world. One I made sure we read a lot was Big Bird on Sesame Street.

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