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Kevin Federline coincided with her sad descent into drug addiction, mental illness and a near total career flame-out.It once seemed impossible or at least extremely unlikely.

IN HIS POCKET — gets it taken from him by a sexy spy posing as a stewardess, and she blows a huge hole in the building and ends up walking off with the vial tucked between her boobs? We then get a quick shot of a guy (her boyfriend, presumably) making out with a girl in the shower. He doesn’t seem all that concerned to this point, which brings up an interesting question: If he wasn’t gonna fight her on this one, why didn’t she just take the elevator and knock on his door ? I selected this screencap so I could point out that Britney Spears sticks her tongue out like that every time she says the letter “L,”, which is something I noticed on my third consecutive viewing of the video as I was working on this post. After she kisses him, she pours the poison into his mouth (NOTE TO SELF: If you happen to be dating a spy or assassin, do not cheat on them), then… What if she knew her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she spent the whole flight conjuring up a scenario where she seduced the schlub on the plane, rode a motorcycle through Paris, stole a vial of poison, and murdered him in his apartment?

Scientist: Hey, what should we do with this vial of top secret green poison? Not in a steel reinforced briefcase with a 30-digit combination or anything. So this is where Britney does a dance version of the scene in where Catherine Zeta-Jones slinks and dips beneath the lasers. This security system is both confusing and terrible. The lesson here is that Britney Spears does not tolerate extra-relationship making out unless said making out is part of a plot to kill the other person in the relationship for their original making out-related transgressions. nbd just scaling a tall building with suction cups while dressed like a fancy gypsy Britney enters her lover’s apartment through the window and confronts him, first throwing him on the bed, then whipping him on the floor, then kissing him a bunch. I mean, that’s pretty dark on its own, seeing as it involves a spy risking an international incident and blasting off the front of a laboratory as part of a plot to murder her lover, but here are some other possibilities: – What if everything between the first shot of Britney (where she’s on the phone in the plane) and the last one (back in the plane after she jumped off the balcony) was part of a daydream she had at work?

Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, which aired in May and June of 2005, was less a television show than a desperate cry for help, and less a dual self-portrait of a couple in the throes of giddy infatuation than a public form of professional self-immolation.

" This is, perhaps, unfair, but it's hard to deny that Spears becoming Mrs.

It’s a testament to Spears’ staggeringly poor choices that custody of her children was eventually granted to a man who is a ninth-grade dropout, Caucasian-cornrows enthusiast, self-professed former drug-dealer, current full-time stoner, former back-up dancer, famously failed rapper, and now professional celebrity-weight-loss-reality-show-competitor: Kevin “K-Fed” Federline, an insidious human parasite widely and rightly considered the worst human being in the history of the world.

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