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“I was super overwhelmed today — super overwhelmed.” A bridal fitting was never something the stylish 32-year-old former “Real World” star ever imagined.

Sometimes I wish I was that grounded and it’s inspiring.” Talk about setting examples without even trying!

According to US Weekly, the duo dressed up as Back To The Future characters, with a source telling the magazine that, 'A good party is really important to them!

This April, her half-hour comedy “Resident Advisors” will debut on Hulu.

She’ll also soon join her fiancé in the films “A Year and Change” and, in a case of art imitating life, the romance “It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,” which Chung describes as “quite similar to the story of how we met.” That newfound aplomb applies to her wedding gown search, where she’s considering “more of a mature look versus a flirty one.” She’s steering clear of empire-waist styles because she doesn’t want “anything too princess-y,” she says. “He’s got really good taste, so I’m not too worried.” The couple may or may not take a honeymoon after the wedding.

“For this next stage, I think I want to look a bit more elegant and composed.” As for Greenberg’s big-day style, she’s letting her future husband take the reins. The actors are both always on the hunt for their next gig, and work might have to come first.

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