Bunim murray the dating show

By AJ Marechal The most anticipated episode of “Real World’s” latest season arrived this week, and with it came a surge of viewers.

Wednesday night’s broadcast of MTV’s “Real World: Ex-Plosion” featured the exes of…

Under the new pact, Bunim-Murray will have exclusive access to Wikked Cat’s unscripted series… has pacted with Boy George to develop a reality series about the British 1980s pop star’s move from London to Los Angeles.

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It's set in Vegas, where Aubrey moved to be with Pauly. the story line goes that they'll be engaged by season's end.

And we're told the good folks at Bunim/Murray Productions are behind Pauly and Aubrey's new show -- it's the company that produces 'KUWTK,' "Rob & Chyna," and "Mariah's World." That's a good start.

Pauly and Aubrey have been filming a pilot for a new reality show.

We're told a few networks have shown some interest. it's about Pauly and Aubrey navigating a very rocky relationship.

With the number of buyers of unscripted programming continuing to expand, Goldschein has set a target of selling to at least one new buyer every year — a target he hopes Jenkins and Pizzi will lead the company in reaching.

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