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We want to create that platform."There have been numerous recent examples of women being harassed and assaulted at Australian concerts, some of which have received significant media attention.In February, a man allegedly urinated on a woman at a Spiderbait show in Melbourne, while another man ejaculated on a woman at the St Kilda Festival.The teacher photographed Starr and delighted the boy by giving him the twin-lens Minolta.

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According to the BBC, a co-author of the study says the act "included about 15 sexual movements over a period of 10 seconds." While sex between closely related species does happen, this is only the second time a sexual act between two distantly related species has been recorded, the reports.

(The first was in 2006, involving an Antarctic fur seal and a penguin.) Snow monkeys and sika deer have had an up-until-now platonic relationship.

At first, he reassures her that nothing happened, but then sends her a naked photo of her. Noora remains in the dark about what happened to her. Part of her horror stems from her fear that she might, under influence, voluntarily sleep with her own boyfriend’s brother – when a furious William demands, “Tell me you didn’t sleep with my brother,” she can only weakly whisper, “I don’t know.” This kind of “ambiguous” assault is extremely common, and can bring with it a keener sense of guilt and shame.

character, Vilde, says to Noora in an earlier episode about her own problems. Did she throw herself at her own boyfriend’s brother? If I can’t remember what happened, how do I know I didn’t want it?

Researchers are blaming "mate deprivation," theorizing that the monkey—who has low social status—was suffering from "limited access to females." The incident happened during snow monkey breeding season.

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