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Because he has no right of privacy, and he doesn't own the copyright. Had the same added to skype and a video chat next thing im getting a phone call from a man in Morrocco saying unless i send £400 via western union he will post my Video.What you share with a scammer becomes public domain, even if it is private - because the other party has to agree to maintain the privacy. Im lucky when "she" asked for my facebook info I said i ont use it.

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Ive deactivated my account and got a google alert on my name incase something appears.

Ive also contacted my local police and have to see them tomorrow.

He then used these photos to allegedly "extort" the women, forcing them to further pose naked over Skype in an elaborate ruse.

Kazaryan allegedly hacked into his victims' Facebook, Skype, and email accounts, the Los Angeles Times reports.

I hesisitated at first, knowing that it could possibly be a fake cam/scam.

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