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I have explored 50 countries, and I am looking for one woman to be my best friend, and m…I would best be described as strong and confident whether on my own or in a crowd.I guess I would fall into the classification of an "A" type since I like to be in charge of my own destiny rather than have that determined for me.

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Canadian teaching would love to meet a sweet, loving and honest woman for a potential relationship. I am: Loving Passionate Caring Honest Love children I am a teacher and love to inspire others.

Im a young 21 year old who loves staying fit and healthy. Surrounded by nature is where I love to be for it helps…

I'm currently in school for biochemistry and would love to meet someone to have a spark with. What I'm looking for is someone genuine, kind and with a sense of humour. Playful and natural (someone who lets the inner child shine through) Witty (someone who draws you in with words and quick thinking) Confident (people who are direct and zero in what they want and go for it) have 7 year old son, out…

Everyone deserves a chance at true love – even a convicted cannibal murderer?

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