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When calcium acetate is formed, it diffuses out of the bones and into the water component of the vinegar.Carbonic acid is not stable at room temperature, and it immediately breaks down into water and carbon dioxide gas, which is released as small bubbles that can be seen if the bones are watched closely over time.

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Carbon dating chicken bone

Joshua Bush has been writing from Charlottesville, Va., since 2006, specializing in science and culture.

He has authored several articles in peer-reviewed science journals in the field of tissue engineering.

Here, we test the assumption that chickens were not introduced to New Zealand during prehistory through ancient DNA and radiocarbon analyses of chicken bones from sites of Māori middens containing prehistoric material.

The chickens belong to the widespread mitochondrial control region haplogroup E.

Our results support the idea that chickens were first introduced to New Zealand by Europeans, and provide new insights into Māori uptake and integration of resources introduced during the early post-European period.

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