Bengalisex site - Career dating survey

As for those seeking potential partners, more are comfortable with online dating and dating apps, and more of them have met their partners this way.

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"The aspirations captured in the survey give us hope.

It also points to what more we can do as a community to help our fellow Singaporeans achieve those aspirations," wrote Mrs Teo.

Interesting to note though from the survey is that men are 43% more likely than their female counterparts to believe that sexual intimacy helps in building a strong emotional connection between two people.

Speaking to sex therapist Kimberly Resnick Anderson, says that in the era of social media, dating apps and hookup apps – sex doesn’t carry the same amount of intimate value that it did many years ago.

Men are hopeful: Men are more hopeful about finding love than are women (76% vs. They are also looking for romantic companionship more than women over 50 (19% vs. Dating drought: Singles over 50 are looking for love but nearly half of them haven't been on a date in over 5 years (46%) and over half of 50 singles say their last relationship was over 5 years ago (56%).

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