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Since his parents died in a train crash, Will Donner refused to grow up and became an unemployed drifter, aimless except for one obsession: his undeclared love for neighborhood girl Emma Twist, whom he stalked at a distance throughout the country.

When she, now an actress, returns to their home town for her terminally ill, grossly cynical father, Will stays with his unsympathetic, conventional brother Jim, whose wife and kid adore the free-spirited silly uncle, whom neighboring friend Joe and his family cheerfully put up. World Apart Written by Damian Katkhuda Performed by The Mostar Diving Club Additional Vocals Performed by Jesca Hoop Courtesy of Chrysalis Copyrights Ltd By Arrangement with Chrysalis Music Group See more » Great little film this, was really surprised.

HOLLYWOOD has long had a love affair with Dorset, from sumptuous period dramas to quirky comedies and even action thrillers have been filmed in the county.

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Nicholls (with mild apologies to Hardy) knows what it is to adapt a thunderously successful novel for the big screen, having done the same job on his own book One Day.

The story thus unfolds pretty much as Hardy intended it and in a fittingly lovely landscape.

Mulligan gets particularly fine support from Sheen, whose sensitive performance as poor Boldwood, like that of Peter Finch in the 1967 film, stirs in the audience the same mixture of respect and pity that he does in Bathsheba.

Sturridge, too, is perfectly good, without smouldering anything like Terence Stamp did all those years ago.

Stamp and Christie were perhaps the golden couple of the Swinging Sixties and as Troy and Bathsheba they were certainly the Poldark and Demelza of their age, sizzling with enough sexual electricity to power the National Grid.

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