Carolyn hax dating advice

And Galifianakis, 49, still lives in Falls Church, where he grew up.

Galifianakis attended the University of North Carolina, and didn't consider becoming a professional artist until after college.

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"Instead of drawing an icon, as was suggested," he says, "I created a fully realized cartoon that was connected to the column but also stood alone.

We became a team." Sixteen years later, he and Hax still collaborate on the column, which is now syndicated to a few hundred papers.

I graduated at the top of my class from a reputable private school, was an AP Scholar, president of various clubs and participated in both music and theater programs.

Even now, when instructors post average scores for tests, I am far above the average.

And throughout cinema-going America, the comedic talents of Zach Galifianakis also are well known. But for readers of the , the go-to Galifianakis is Nick, the cartoonist for Carolyn Hax's relationship advice column, a collaboration that has gone beyond professional, as the two were married for eight years.

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