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It is the most iconic image of casual sex, and perhaps the most uncomplicated, clear-cut case of it. People often think of hooking up as black or white, with people either loving or hating it.

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Written By Elizabeth Hogsten, USA I used to be averse to the idea of casual dating.

First of all, it just sounded so messy and uncomfortable.

Company owners Ross Williams and Steve Pammenter spotted the new trend after analysing their vast data bank and describe Something Serious as “the ultimate antidote” to the instant and transitory like-and-swipe dating culture on websites such as Tinder which although very popular are not for everyone.

“We noticed from user profiles and general feedback a growing number of people saying they wanted substance, a long term relationship and to find someone who wanted the same."They were not just looking for hook-ups and wanted to know what they were getting the moment they signed up.”The site, where a £15 a month half-year subscription is proving very popular, enables members to fill out detailed profiles and filters out those with different intentions.

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