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And I think of how she never will, no matter how many David Attenborough documentaries she watches.Because nothing, nothing, prepares you for the real thing. Also, I Find The Light In You by Joe Brooks, where the title of the story comes from. Dedication: My mummy for being really supportive these past few weeks.

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After a lengthy hospitalization, he is forced to transfer to a school specialized in providing education and healthcare for disabled students.

Over the course of the narrative, Hisao has the opportunity to come to grips with his condition and adjust to his new life.

“For that country to ban the movie, I found kind of humorous.”New Zealand, of course, is where he spent four years of his life filming with Peter Jackson, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom.

“I was there when I was 18 and left when I was 22, and there will never be an experience quite like it in my life. I kind of grew into being a man.” Famously, Wood didn’t read Lord Of The Rings until after he’d completed the film, and he admits that before Set Fire To The Stars, “I didn’t know anything about Dylan Thomas really, and I hadn’t read any of his work.

It's like we've hit some Great Barrier Reef sweet spot: the water crystal-clear and bath-water warm, the sky cerulean and unencumbered by clouds.

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