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He spent his final years as a passionate advocate for Algerian immigrants and Palestinian refugees.

During the interim, Genet wrote “The Maids,” a 1947 play that looks back with both anger and compassion at the humiliation of his youth.

When the then Mrs Parker Bowles, who married the prince in 2005 and is now the Duchess of Cornwall, joked “what are you going to turn into, a pair of knickers?

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Set in a sleek and sophisticated contemporary American bedroom suggesting upscale urban living in a place like New York’s upper west side, this 95-minute play begins with a game of dress-up, involving sisters who are also maids imagining life as their boss.

That would be Madame (Rebecca Hurd), whose absence of a name reflects her impersonal relationship with “the help.” We won’t meet her until nearly half way through the play; when we do, we’ll see she can’t keep the maids’ names or skill sets straight.

Two days later — having done absolutely nothing to exploit or amplify the media sensation United's spectacularly bad judgment had unleashed — Dao was dragged to the center of the digital main stage yet again, this time by reporters who exhumed a 13-year-old felony conviction to insinuate that maybe, just maybe, the brutalized airline passenger had done something to bring Sunday's debacle on himself."Man removed from United flight had a troubled past," read the headline that appeared on the home page of this newspaper's website and a few thousand others around the world.

The accompanying story — first published by Louisville's Courier Journal, which like the Free Press is part of the USA TODAY Network — identified Dao, who'd spent the last decade residing with his wife in a small Kentucky community near Fort Knox, as a Vietnamese-trained pulmonary disease specialist who'd spent five years on probation after being convicted of writing fraudulent prescriptions in 2004.

Remind them that lying about their age puts them at risk and would mean we cannot protect them as we would like.

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