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The Alt-Right comprises disparate ideological backgrounds, but at the heart of the movement lies white identity.Richard Spencer, publisher of Alternative, describes the Alt-Right as essentially “trying to build a philosophy, an ideology around identity, European identity.” Jared Taylor, the editor of editor Peter Brimelow to describe the movement, explained, "The alt right accepts that race is a biological fact and that it’s a significant aspect of individual and group identity and that any attempt to create a society in which race can be made not to matter will fail." 5.Individuals and organizations may engage in self-censorship for moral, religious, or business reasons, to conform to societal norms, due to intimidation, or out of fear of legal or other consequences.

Annually, the online dating industry brings in $1.049 billion in revenue. According to Claudio, “they’re having to postpone the decision because of financial reasons, because of bad marriage experiences they [may] have witnessed, and they have not found someone who has the same values and principles.” While online dating is quite different from more traditional ways of meeting a mate, in the end, some of the same principles apply.

The Consuegras also point out that the word “single” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

Alternative published a feature on the movement and paganism in which Alt-Right writer Stephen Mc Nallen explains, “I am a pagan because it is the only way I can be true to who, and what, I am. Kek really is an ancient Egyptian deity of darkness represented as a frog-headed man, Alt-Right members are tech-savvy and active primarily on the Internet, and “kek” translates to “lol” in comment boards of the multiplayer videogame World of Warcraft, while Pepe the Frog epitomizes online meme humor.

I am a pagan because the best things in our civilization come from pre-Christian Europe.” He goes on to describe his aversion to Christianity because it “lacks any roots in blood or soil” and consequently can “claim the allegiance of all the human race.” Dark imagery runs rampant, from Yarvin’s philosophy to Vox Day’s preferred title “supreme dark lord.” All reject Christian egalitarianism and universalism. The Church of Kek is a satirical religion that worships the ancient, androgynous Egyptian deity Kek: god of chaos, darkness, and “meme-magic,” which is a “metapolitical prayer and will to power,” according to one Alt-Right blogger, represented by Pepe the Frog, an Internet meme originating in Matt Furie’s web comic Boy’s Club. Even Donald Trump has embraced this meme, retweeting an image of himself as Pepe.

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