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You know, Patrick Duffy, David Gallagher, Rider Strong, maybe even Melissa Joan Hart if we're extremely lucky.

Here's hoping this insane amount of '90s nostalgia creates come sort of supernatural whirlwind that lets us time travel back to 1994.

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The three said in a statement, “Our childhood characters prepared us for the roles of our lives…literally.

There really aren’t words to describe the way we grew up and the bond we share, so we decided that we wanted to give a glimpse into our unique sisterhood.

I really feel like we need to put some kind of disclaimer on the website." So I did. Now you're reuniting with Diane Keaton! Diane was maybe the first person I ever met who I couldn't break through to, on . I remember getting home and saying to Faye [Grant], my wife, ‘I think she must hate me." And Faye said, "Maybe she's just that kind of actor, who because she has to hate you in the role, wants to keep that kind of distance." Cut to 11 years later, where on the that I guess she didn't want to know anything about me that might make her like me.

It's a little bit scary that people would think that, but I'm fine. First you had a role in at a time when I thought the show was over. It was actually the first time I was ever cast by e-mail. In , you played the husband who left her for his therapist, right? In this new film, Diane plays a meddling mother....

I'm really starting to feel that's been the point of this recent obsession all along.

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