Congolese dating relationships and marriage

A young mother-of-two made to flee her home in Uganda and live with a warlord in the Congolese bush at the age of just ten has spoken out about her ordeal..her sympathy towards the man she was forced to marry.

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french accents No wonder there are many rich — and not so rich — Kenyan women ready to love and be loved at any cost by the men whose French-accented English and Kiswahili sends them spinning. Most are in their mid-30s to 60s and dress in clothes that belie their ages.

They drive state-of-the-art cars and carry expensive handbags.

The culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is extremely diverse, reflecting the great diversity and different customs which exist in the country.

Congolese culture combines the influence of tradition to the region, but also combines influences from abroad which arrived during the era of colonization and has continued to have a strong influence, without destroying the individuality of many tribal' customs.

Like many African countries, the borders were drawn up by colonial powers, and bore little relation to the actual spread of ethno-linguistic groups.

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