Court opinions dating from

The availability of judicial opinions on-line has increased substantially over the course of the years.

Most federal courts, including all circuit courts, and many state courts have Internet home pages sponsored by various educational and commercial entities; however, the databases of these judicial opinions tend only to cover the last few years, negating the possibility of conducting comprehensive research.

Opinions of the court in each case, prepended with a headnote prepared by the Reporter of Decisions, and any concurring or dissenting opinions are published sequentially.

Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, for example, would be cited as: This citation indicates that the decision of the Court in the case entitled Brown v.

Board of Education, as abbreviated in Bluebook style, was decided in 1954 and can be found in volume 347 of the United States Reports starting on page 483.

The early volumes of the United States Reports were originally published privately by the individual Supreme Court Reporters.

As was the practice in England, the reports were designated by the names of the reporters who compiled them: Dallas's Reports, Cranch's Reports, etc.

The most substantial coordinated government service of judicial opinions is PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), which allows anyone with an account to access official electronic case information and court dockets.

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