Crazy speed dating

Or that one crazy creature rips off its penis and throws it at the female… Is it possible that you make better decisions when you need a wee? Tickets are strictly limited to 40 attendees (20 men, 20 women).

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If the prospect of speed-dating doesn’t already sound like a death-defying feat, why not try speed-dating at a terrifying height with no (nonfatal) means of escape?

On Saturday, the dating site Luv Byrd — which we are relieved to report is designed to connect outdoor-sports enthusiasts, not birds with the humans who love them — will host their second annual chairlift speed-dating event in Colorado.

Like, look, you’re going to eat the cereal anyway, the toy is just a kitschy promotional item that’s there to get you to buy THAT particular box.

Likewise, you’re going to be using dating apps anyway, and brown bag speed dating is just a highly Instagrammable opportunity to get four drinks for $25 (the cost of the event, which gets you drinks and your paper bag “kit”) while maybe, maybe, maybe meeting someone you’d get along with.

But joke as we might, we can’t deny the power of matchmaking when it works — at least one couple which was brought together by last year’s event is still going strong.

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