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Along with the milk of my nurse I received the knack of handling chisel and hammer, with which I make my figures." Michelangelo's father sent him to study grammar with the humanist Francesco da Urbino in Florence as a young boy.

The young artist, however, showed no interest in school, preferring instead to copy paintings from churches and seek the company of painters.

, especially the introduction, "The Subject of Chaucer Reception," pp. 10 Although all of Gower's English poetry came after Chaucer was well established as an "English" vernacular poet, Gower, in fact, was not a "Chaucerian" the way Lydgate was. The cuckoo argues that his own cry is "trewe and pleyn" (line 118), easily understood by all, and accuses the nightingale of speaking obscurely.

But even by the mid-fifteenth century the two were linked with Chaucer. The nightingale responds by suggesting in her cry - "Ocy! " - that she very much wishes "[t]hat al tho wer shamefully slayne, / That menen oght agen Love amys" (lines 129-30), adding: "And also I wold al tho were dede, That thenk not her lyve in love to lede, For who that wol the God of Love not serve, I dar wel say he is worthy for to sterve, And for that skille ' Ocy! ' I crede." (lines 131-35) The cuckoo rejects the nightingale's "queynt lawe, / That eyther shal I love or elles be slawe" and announces his refusal either to die or, while he lives, to put himself under "Loves yoke" (lines 136-37, 140).

The Buonarroti claimed to descend from Countess Mathilde of Canossa; this claim was probably false, but Michelangelo himself believed it.

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