Cyber sex with a bot

Cyber sex with a bot-44

This workfocuses on a series of insubordinate bots that, in a post-anthropocentric fashion, displayed anarchic and unpredictable behaviors, such as chatting with each other for no apparent reason or contacting female users even if they weren’t programmed to do so.

puts the autonomy and interaction between artificial entities at its center, while leaving humans only partially aware of their presence.

This is a nice question, and one variants of which have been turningup lately in the advice columns in newspapers. On the 'yes' side, it is an encounter of some sort--it involvescommunication, back-and-forth response, mutual acknowledgment--and itclearly has a sexual content or character.

I don't have anyfirsthand experience of cybersex, but from what I understand, it is akind of virtual sex, involving assumed identities and purely electronicinteractions. On the 'no' side, it is notliterally sex, which would seem to require, at a minimum, physicalproximity and contact, and certainly it has little of the practicalconsequences or risks of literal sexual interaction.

is a sound installation composed of three or more parametric speakers attached to the ceiling and the walls of an exhibition venue.

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