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When she discards him for a slightly taller model, he struggles to get over the heartbreak and survive his impending incineration.

Amanda (Lea Michelle) and Adam (Robert Buckley), shown.

What “Dimension 404” does offer is a trippy comic-book update of “The Twilight Zone.” In fact, instead of Rod Sterling’s sonorous narration to introduce an episode, the new anthology’s insistent voiceovers are from Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker himself).

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It was now a mid-market paper named The Sun, and they later sold it to Rupert Murdoch of News International.

He subsequently relaunched it as a sensationalist tabloid and therefore in direct competition with the Mirror.

They found the most common female profile, set up for romance scamming purposes, is a brunette in her twenties (29 was the most common age) with blue eyes.

Selfies of women with low-cut vest tops were most commonly used, with female fraudsters describing themselves as a student, with no strong political leanings.

Captain Chronos (Matthew Del Negro) and Sue (Ashley Rickards), shown.

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