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But I did apply, and before long I was a part of the nascent thatguywiththeglasses.com, and a couple months later Paul was as well, and a few years later he would meet my friend, Elisa, and, well, now we have a Grey.

Okay, I might joke that it was Michael Bay (with me, all roads lead to Michael Bay), but really it was Channel Awesome. I could never have anticipated back in 2008 that decision to apply to be “Nostalgia Chick” would have such a profound impact on my life.

To further these goals, the River to River Runners now boasts a membership of over 400 and includes individuals from ten different states.

It sponsors a wide variety of races and other running-related activities throughout the year, providing something for every member, no matter what age, sex, or running ability.

It showed that the cysts were, in fact, tumours - and they were malignant. I took his hands in mine, looked him in the eye and softly said: "Yes babes, you do." He looked like a frightened child.

The treatment was to be chemotherapy: ongoing cycles of three sessions of three days each. I rubbed his hands and held him as I whispered: "We'll get rid of it, you wait and see." I remember him saying years earlier that he would get cancer.

A few months later, she sent me a video this guy had posted about the search for a “Nostalgia Chick.” I’m not sure why she sent this to me – apparently it wasn’t with the thought that I’d be a good fit.

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