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But don’t worry—the only thing you’ll lose doing a Forza workout is fat.A core workout based on samurai swordship, Forza doesn’t require actual blades.Robotic arms such as these are getting better and better at mimicking human movements, with one recently beating a world table tennis champion.

A high-profile brand with a legacy dating back to the 1800s, they were looking to sync their digital marketing initiatives with the change...

While he might not be able to match the robot, as humans go Machii is pretty swift, having recently sliced a fried shrimp fired at him at 80mph.

Now you’ll lunge with your left leg, and start on your right hip.

Tameshigiri teaches the student how to effectively strike with the sword.

Keeping your arms bent, lift the “sword” over your head so the “blade” points directly behind you [1]. Perform 15 reps, and then switch your grip so that your left hand is above your right. Lunge with your left leg until it’s nearly parallel to the floor, and slice downward with your “sword” so that it ends up in front of you and your bottom hand is at waist level. Lunge forward with your right leg until your front thigh becomes parallel to the ground and push the “sword” forward [2].

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