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As such, these three signs share the same element and because of this, fundamentally understand one another. That is, they compute everything, even emotions, in a rather logical way.

It is this shared logical view of the world, a view that can at times be difficult for other more emotional zodiac signs to comprehend, that makes these three signs, at least from an astrological view, soul mates. Uranus is Aquarius' ruler, so it's to be expected for people of this sign to have a general air of electricity around them. Sometimes when you mesh a general sense of nervousness with electricity, the result can be a sense of disquietude and uneasiness.

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Among these "soul mate" signs are Libra and Gemini.

Both Libra and Gemini are considered Aquarius's soul mate because all three are air signs.

It can be a struggle for you to balance these two very different sides to your personality.

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