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To make it more Valentine-themed, you could create a color code key to correspond to a Valentine bag of M&M’s, or add rules like “For every strike, kiss your date and for every spare, hug your date!

” All this date will cost is one game of bowling and a bag of M&M’s! Drive-In Theatre – All you need for this date night is a laptop or portable DVD player with a lot of battery life!

Anticipation is half the fun, so make sure he sees it early in the day! A I had the TASTE card with 3 different tasty treats ready beforehand.

Fashioned after sexy bedroom dice, this intimate bedroom game is reinvented “birthday style.” Pop the birthday balloon to see what saucy task you get to enjoy . I chose blue and red, but I’m loving these turquoise and gold ones! Once the game starts you’re not going to want to run off to the kitchen! Cami has an incredible DIY Chocolate Body Paint that would be a perfect fit!

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