Dating early bronze at ban chiang thailand

The name "Thailand" is associated with the dominant ethnic group, Thai. It was an absolute monarchy until 1932, when it became a constitutional monarchy.In 1939 the country's name was changed from Siam to Thailand.

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Copper was the first metal to be worked by man on a relatively large scale in part because it is found in "large pure ingots in a natural state" in many different locations around the world.

Copper was being fashioned into implements and gold was being fashioned into ornaments about 6,000 years ago, 3,000 years before the Greeks and Roman empires.

There is no evidence of social hierarchy prior to this period, in the Neolithic, or Stone Age.

Until recently, scholars assumed the Copper Age was no more advanced.

Since the collapse of communism in 1989 opened doors for western scholars in countries including Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine, a new appreciation for the region's prehistory is taking hold. [Source: Andrew Curry, Archaeology, March/April 2011] "Far from being a historical footnote, Copper Age Europe was a technological and social proving ground.

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